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Simple Affordable Tropical Home?

Residential architecture, particularly for the tropics, is a matter of great importance to the Sleeping Tiger on the Island of Bali. Here is a simple, efficient, affordable home design which has been getting a great deal of buzz. Built in the non-tropical region of Santiago, Chile, the Biehl House by … Continue reading

Learn Pro Photography Skills in Ubud

Vincent Sung, a Korean photographer whose career has ranged across the globe is now offering photography lessons at all levels at his newly-established Visual Sponge Institute in Ubud, Bali. Handsome, charming, fluent in numerous languages including French and English, Vincent has extensive experience teaching photography around the world. He delights … Continue reading

Stay Well, Sleep Well in Honolulu

The Aqua hotel in Honolulu has reinvented itself as a green, sleek, design boutique property called Renew. What was basically an uninspired late-century box of a hotel is now rather splendid, thanks to its appropriate reinvention, with metro-tropical Asian interiors by Jiun Ho, Malay-born, San Francisco-based designer, whose career we’ve … Continue reading

Tong’s Psychedelic Tigers

Illustrator Yehrin Tong has devised a stunning tiger pattern, for Maharishi Womenswear. We are mad about tigers in general, the name of our enterprise being Macan Tidur (“The Sleeping Tiger” in Indonesian). 

Architectural Digest: Redeemed

I’m not a huge fan of the American magazine, Architectural Digest. Often, the properties featured cross the border between the extravagant and the vulgar, with unleashed spending taking priority over good taste and good design. My sister, a champion of simple living, refers to the magazine as Barfitectural Indigestion, which is … Continue reading

Nice Luzon Tribal Art Site

The Antique Luzon Tribal Art Connoisseurs Organisation (ALTACO) website is simple in presentation, but rich with images and information. I specialise in the arts of the Indonesian archipelago, and don’t often go exploring online for information on Luzon art, but I happened to stumble on this site today. The extensive … Continue reading

Just Say: Go Get Yourself Luxed

For those of us who have found ourselves living in interesting places, there is a price to pay. Many prices, actually. One of them is handling the deluge of enquiries from friends-of-friends who get in touch for information on places to stay, what to do, where to shop, and all … Continue reading

Reflections on the Dubai Death Star

It’s not often that a vision of its destruction precedes the construction of a large high profile building. Poor Rem Koolhaas. His master scheme for developing Dubai includes an ominous orb that has been blogged to bits as the “Dubai Death Star”. Images of Darth Vader’s devastated Death Star are … Continue reading

2008 Perfect House Award

The Susi Johnston Homeless Nomad Architecture Award for the Perfect House of 2008 goes to Alberto Campo Baeza’s Olnick Spanu House. There is nothing more to say.

Joel Cooner : The Zen Texan

An in-depth interview with tribal art dealer Joel Cooner has just been posted on the Tribalmania website. Joel is known for his exquisite eye and his talent for arranging artefacts in such a way that the arrangements are works of art in their own right. In the interview Cooner reveals … Continue reading

BLUE Until 18 September

The colour blue has calming and restorative properties. If the stresses of a roller-coaster economy and the strains of everyday life are taking a toll, visit the BLUE exhibition at the Textile Museum in Washington DC. At least visit the website, then download the gallery guide, and look deeply into … Continue reading

Intermission – The Congo

We interrupt this show to share with you the story of a remarkable woman, my sister, Emily Johnston. She just arrived back in America after a stint in the Congo, passing through Rwanda, working as a doctor (that’s her team above). The faces say it all. Here on my little … Continue reading

Liaigre by Liaigre

Christian Liaigre’s new book Liagre will hit the shelves this September. Reserve your advance copy now, at $125. Or click it on for just $78.75. Authored by Liaigre, and Thomas Luntz, with photos by Jean-Philippe Peter, the book features six exclusive properties in Spain, Bora Bora, Switzerland, France and elsewhere. … Continue reading

Pure Form in Gold @ Joe Loux

Asian and tribal art dealer Joe Loux offers a piece of pure form among new acquisitions just posted on his site. This Han period gold torque from Southwest China, mounted on a metal stand, weighs 169 grams and is priced at $15,000.  Image © 2008 Joe Loux

Just Posted : Ataoro Figure

A group of new posts just went up on SFTribal, among which is this rare figure from Ataoro Island, Indonesia. The piece is offered by SFTribal member, Eric Farrow at $4800. SFTribal is an association of art dealers from the San Francisco Bay Area specialising in African, Oceanic, Asian, pre-Columbian and … Continue reading

Barragan Fountain Found in LA

The LA Times reports that a courtyard fountain by Louis Barragan has been “found” at a 1927 house in Beverley Crest. The house was built in 1927, and fifty years later when the swimming pool was re-concepted, Barragan was commissioned to create a dramatic waterfall-fountain flowing into it. The house … Continue reading

Remarkable Dzi @ Art Tibet

We are serious about ancient beads, and have a large collection which my partner, Bruno uses to compose striking necklaces which are eminently wearable. We study bead history, and often comb the web looking for images and information. Today I found an extraordinary ancient natron-etched  Dzi bead that has just … Continue reading

Reality of Shadows, Shadows of Reality

Tonight we attended the delightfully thorny vernissage at Biasa Artspace of an exhibition enigmatically entitled Reality of Shadows, Shadows of Reality. The show marks the highly-charged collision of two artistic talents: Indonesian Ugo Untoro and Italian Filippo Sciascia, both working in Bali. Everyone who is anyone (and then some), packed the gallery … Continue reading

Stranger II: The Sequel

Bali’s doyen of tropical island style, Made Wijaya has been penning his pithy column, Stranger in Paradise, for decades beyond count. A lush softcover compendium of these outpourings was published in 1979 by Wijaya Words, and since then it’s been an awfully long dry spell for Stranger fans, book-wise.  Well, … Continue reading

Bali’s Own Karma Chameleon

Made Wijaya (neé Michael White) is everyone’s favourite Bali pundit, whose witty column Stranger in Paradise has delighted and confounded generations of Baliphiles. His resumé reads: yachtwreck survivor, tennis coach, pouch poser, garden designer, architect, interior designer, hotelier, carrot-topped-Oscar-Wilde-of-the-tropics, hypocrite auteur mon semblable mon frere. He’s a pen-slinger who’s never … Continue reading

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